Most popular practices in europe against gtds
Most popular practices in europe against gtds
Result of observations from the field realized in Winetwork project framework
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The practices showed in this document are not exhaustives and are not representing the whole winegrowers population. This is the result of practices made on field by a sample of winegrowers (from 20 to 30 people according to the region). These people were previously selected for their good knowledge level and for their dynamism in field to implement methods to reduce GTDs incidence. The most popular ones and some atypical practices that have no scientific validation nor scientific basis are presented here.

This document is the result of interviews made on field by the facilitator agents with the principal objective to highlight the diversity of techniques used in field. To date, no assessment, no validation or checking efficacy of these practices was made. In the absence of any assessment, their success in different conditions of the ones exposed is not guarantee and the responsibility of Winetwork partners can’t be involved.
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